Don’t let bad email happen to you

Mocked-up image of a long, all-text, email message.

I just received the WORST. EMAIL. EVER.

Just look at the picture! (Please note: All identifying details have been removed in order to not humiliate the sender.)

Block of grey text after block of grey text after block of grey, well, you get the picture. If you can believe it, the actual email was even LONGER.

When I opened it, I cried out in pain. (My dear husband would testify to that in a court of law.)

I didn’t want to read it. I simply wanted to trash it and move on. And THAT’S why it hurt me.

This email was a wasted opportunity to connect and communicate with its readers on every count.

So, what could have been done differently?

  • PHOTOS: People are visual. Show me pictures of the art, the people, the events!
  • CHARTS & GRAPHS: Create a pie chart that shows me how many people attended all of your events. Compare that to last year’s attendance to demonstrate the increase.
  • BREAK IT UP: People SKIM. Break up the information into easily digested chunks: headlines, subheads, bulleted lists, boldface type, and so on.
  • USE A DIFFERENT FORMAT: This was an annual report stuffed into an email.
  • EMPLOY TECHNOLOGY: All this information should reside in an electronic annual report (with images, graphs, etc.). Then, a SHORT email should entice the reader to click on the link to the report.
  • SHARE IT SOCIALLY: Each of these wonderful stories could be shared, one at a time, as a highlight, on the institution’s social media platforms, along with a link back to the larger story and the annual report.

Communications can be a powerful tool that connects people to your organization. Contact me and let’s talk about how you can put effective content marketing tools to work growing your business.

And don’t send any emails like that!


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